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Andhra Pradesh Socio Economic Survey 2016-17 | AP People Empowerment Survey

AP Socio Economic Survey 2016-2017

Andhra Pradesh Socio Economic Survey: The State Government planning to build a world class infrastructure in the capital city of Amaravati is anticipating for a big support from the Centre. All measures humanly possible have been taken, not only to overcome the difficulties but to convert every crisis into opportunity and also lay a solid foundation for “Sunrise Andhra Pradesh”.

The State Cabinet on June 1 decided to conduct the household survey to determine the socio-economic status and collect all other relevant details of each household in the State. The Andhra Pradesh government will conduct a ‘Smart Pulse Survey’ for collecting the socio-economic data to secure all the information of households like the Aadhaar card numbers, gas connections, ration cards, bank accounts etc. of 1.48 crore households in the State.

The AP Government will also offer services through this survey. People without ration cards, aadhaar cards, bank accounts will be identified and the same will be issued OR will be forwarded to the departments concerned for clearance.

Andhra Pradesh Socio Economic Survey 2016-17

About Socio Economics

Andhra Pradesh Socio Economic Survey: Socioeconomics (also known as social economics) is the social science that studies how economic activity affects and is shaped by social processes. In general, it analyzes how societies progress, stagnate or regress because of their local or regional economy, or the global economy.

Socioeconomics is sometimes used as an umbrella term with different usages. The term ‘social economics’ may refer broadly to the “use of economics in the study of society.” More narrowly, contemporary practice considers behavioral interactions of individuals and groups through social capital and social “markets” (not excluding, for example, sorting by marriage) and the formation of social norms. In the latter, it studies the relation of economics to social values.

Macro Economic Aggregates

The State Domestic Product (SDP) is usually estimated by ‘Income originating approach’, wherein income generated by the factors of production physically located within the geographical boundaries of the state are aggregated

The GSDP at Current Prices for the year 2016-17 (Advance Estimates) is compiled by adding Product taxes and deducting Product subsidies to the GVA at current basic prices and is estimated at Rs.6,99,307crore as against Rs.6,09,934 crore for 2015-16(First Revised Estimates).

As per the Advance Estimates, the GSDP at constant (2011-12) Prices for the year 2016-17 is estimated at Rs.5,47,021 crores as against Rs.4,90,134 crores for 2015-16 (FRE) indicating a growth of 11.61 per cent.

Andhra Pradesh Socio Economic Survey Activity at Current Prices

Economic Activity at Current Prices

Socio Economic Survey Important points

  • Andhra Pradesh state is aspiring to grow into a competitive economy that creates opportunities for everyone, to foster the growth of productive firms, farms and people through putting necessary infrastructure both physical and social in place.
  • The government is focused upon facilitating the conversion of more ideas into
    enterprises, promoting the growth of small businesses and also linking them to larger ones.
  • There were 10,322 Post offices in the State, of which 59 are Head Post Offices, 8 are MukhyaDakGhars, 1,517 are Sub Post Offices and 8738 Branch post offices as on March 2016.
  • All citizens services are being integrated with Vahan/ Saradhi portals of Govt. of India, wherein details of other State vehicles/Driving licenses will be obtained
    through web service whenever they approach for any transaction in AP.
  • Transport Department is the first Government Department to install 110 PoS machines for the collection of taxes/fee in the 95 offices in the entire State during November/December 2016 owing to demonetization effect, as a citizen-friendly initiative.

List of Sea Ports

Andhra Pradesh has 974 Km long coastline with a major Port at Visakhapatnam under Government of India control and 14 notified ports under State Government. Of which 4 are captive ports

  • Major Port -1
  • Notified Ports -14
  • Kakinada Anchorage Port (April- Oct 2016)
  • Kakinada deep water Port (April- Oct 2016)
  • Gangavaram Port (uptoOct) Cargo handled-108.40lakh M. Tonnes
  • Krishnapatnam Port (April- Oct 2016)
  • Rawa Port (April- Oct 2016)

Priorities of Andhra Pradesh

  • New capital city – Amaravati
  • Completion of prioritized irrigation projects
  • Infrastructure development
  • Road and Rail connectivity
  • Drought proofing – Inclusive growth
  • Low hanging fruits
  • Investment and Growth Planning with forwarding-looking reforms
  • Use of Technology – Real-Time Governance
  • Enhancing Happiness Index
  • Smart AP

Key Performance Indicator Monitoring System

  • A robust Monitoring and Evaluation framework has been established to monitor the progress and achievement of the Missions / Departments through identified Key Performance Indicators for achieving the vision targets.
  • The KPI’s are placed for regular uploading of the progress based on indicator’s periodicity at district/state level.
  • The KPIMS portal facilitates monitoring the performance of identified KPI’s for 86 HoDs under 30 Secretariat departments with district level drill down the facility.

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